Paraview windows 10 display problem

Im using Paraview for some months for my school projects and I have the following problem. When I try to open a file, Paraview just does’nt work and my screen loks like this:"

I 've reinstalled my current version, 5.11.0 and installed the 5.10.1 version, but the problem remains. Ive tried to open openFoam files and .stl files. Pls help!

Hi @othonasvaleras

Your screenshot looks fine for a ParaView without any data.
Wdym “doesn’t work” ?


this is before I try to open the Engine.stl file:

And this is after:

You need to press Apply in the PropertiesPanel. For some reason it is hidden, you can show in the View menu.

Okey that worked! Thanks a lot!