Paraview won't copy data to cell zones

There is already one similar post cellZone not shown in paraView mesh list about this topic, but mine is a bit more specific.

My system is Windows 11 and I am also working with OpenFOAM (using WSL2) and have defined a cellZone. In Paraview, I am using the .foam reader and when I check the option Read zones I can inspect the cellZone in MultiBlock Inspector.


Everything is okay with that. But now I would also like to copy the data (from interalMesh) to the cellZone


And that seems to be not working.

However if I run

foamToVTK -cellSet porousZone

I can then display the field just fine.

So it would be nice if this was not necessary at all. I also noticed that Paraview on Linux (Ubuntu 22.04 using WSL2) kind of works, but it displays only the cell values and not the interpolated values.

Data: (1.9 MB)

This is the expected behavior, it is copying only cell data, not point data.

I do see some strange behavior on Linux sometimes if I uncheck et recheck “ReadZones”

One would need to check on Windows though.

FYI @olesenm