ParaView wont load .foam files

Hello I have been using ParaView to process OpenFOAM data since April. Today out of nowhere the app stopped loading on me. Any time I opened I would just get a blank screen. I ended up uninstalling the version I had and installed 5.8.1.

The GUI isn’t blank, but I can not load my mesh. I can go to file and select the .foam file I want to open. But after that, the application completely freezes on me. Whenever I try to toggle the “eye” in the pipeline browser just ignores my request.

I am running Windows 10.

ParaView shows this error message

QWindowsWindow::setMouseGrabEnabled: Not setting mouse grab for invisible window QWidgetWindow/‘RecentWindow’

Some quick googling tells me this has something to do with mis detecting a mouse event ? I’m not sure.

I’m going to take a wild guess that you have a bad configuration file, since it worked before, I assume you have not messed with anything, and now it’s broken.

Delete your configuration files. Run ParaView. Edit/ Reset to Default Settings. Please save a copy. Exit ParaView, restart again.

Does that work?


Alan, thank you for responding.

I deleted the following file in my installation bin/paraview.conf

I then followed the rest of your instructions and they did not solve the issue.

This is such a weird issue. As you said I changed nothing in Paraview, but it just became unusable out of nowhere.

in this post I saw you directed someone with a similar issue to follow the instructions at this link.ParaView5.8.0.ini (5.3 KB)

I did as instructed but am not seeing any change in the behavior of ParaView.

Do you by chance have any further advice on how to move forward in trying to solve this?

I have attached to configuration file present after I followed instructions. I hope this helps

Thank you again for your time!


Meant to include my config file at the end of my post not the middle. My apologies!

After reading this thoroughly I realized my issue was because I was trying to open the results on a new monitor I had connected to to my laptop using an HDMI to USB 3 adapter.

Once I moved the window over to my laptop the data loaded fine.