Paraview won't read vtk from liggghts for windows

I downloaded liggghts for windows from

Now I want to show the data with Paraview. I am a little overwhelmed with all this because I have no idea how all that works. I tried to dump .liggght but paraview doesn’t show those files when I try to open them. I tried .txt with tabletopoints filter but the following happened. Paraview asks me to choose a reader because no reader was found. I used csv reader. When I used tabletopoints filter this error occured
ERROR: In vtkTableToPolyData.cxx, line 93

vtkTableToPolyData (0000024693835DD0): Failed to locate the columns to use for the point coordinates
I also tried to dump .vtk but paraview haven’t found a reader again.

I have no idea how to get that data into paraview. Please help
Here are the files. I have no idea why they are .liggght files after uploading
fiber1000.liggght (416.4 KB)
fiber1000.liggght (416.4 KB)
fiber1000.liggght (416.4 KB)

There is no LIGGGTHS reader in ParaView. There are multiples plugins that exists but they are not developed by the ParaView team:

Thanky for your help but I am to stupid. Everytime I want to try somethink there are ten new unknowns. I really need a step by step guide. I don’t understand how people will get there without such a guide.
Anyway here is my Proceedure with numbers in front of my problems

  1. the “see readme file in the package for more information”, I haven’t found such a file with more information.

So I downloaded the whole file from github. I also downloaded the 5.4.1 Version of PV because there is no reader for the newest version. I than tried to load the plugins via the plugin manager. I read online, readers have to be laoded on to the server.

2.The server side is greyed out in paraview so I loaded them on to local. I don’t even know what kind of server this is. Do I have to connect to a server? Can I use local?

  1. The dumped .liggghts files don’t show up in paraview

I hop it becomes clear that I have no idea of this stuff. I need an explanation how to do it but in every source there is literally just one or two sentences which describe how to install and use it.

I just got it working but I will post this nonetheless so others can learn and also see which problems occur for newbies like me. Solutions
2.local works also. Idk why it says that it has to be on server on the use plugin side
3.I dump the files with vtk ending form liggghts. They will show up in Paraview and you can select the liggghts reader. Another question I had is which of those reader is the right one but now I go it

I’m afraid you have to ask the developers of the LIGGGTHS plugin.