Hi everyone,
I faced a problem in Paraview. when I am running the tutorials in OpenFoam and I want to see them in paraview when I use reconstructed case it will show me the geometry but when I use Decomposed case there is nothing to show me. I don’t know what is wrong. could you please help me .

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The case can’t be reconstructed and decomposed at the same time afaik.

Edit : not true, the case cannot be decomposed and not reconstructed at the same time.

Thanks. I know I am working with Paraview everyday and I have never been faced with this problem.even first I choose decomposed case and I waite for some while but I cannot receive any thing to visualize.

maybe this must be configured in the OpenFOAM side.

maybe. I have checked the decomposeParDict and all different methods for processors are active.
thanks .

nothing changed, I can see the polymesh folder and logfiles but still is not coming in paraview

it is written case.foam contain no time steps, while I have the folders of results of time steps . Do you know why it is like this ?

Not a problem to have both serial and parallel data/meshes. In the simplest case, you’d have blockMesh (serial) as the background for snappyHexMesh, which you could then run in parallel.

Can always use reconstructPar (or reconstructParMesh) to collect as a serial case, and decomposePar to go there other way.

The .foam file is just an indicator which reader should be used (ParaView hooks into the file extension). The file can have any content (including none).

The existence of decomposeParDict and any of its contents do not matter for the paraview reader. It only examines the file-system. Note that if you are using the OpenFOAM collocated output (which has processors/ instead of processor[0-9]*/ directories), you are out of luck. The builtin reader does not yet handle those.