paraview5.8 plugin to write polydata to a custom format is not generating wrapper

I wrote reader/writer plugins for a custom file format that is PolyData when loaded in Paraview. They work fine in previous Paraview versions. My reader is
and it works fine in Paraview 5.8
My writer is
and it is not working in Paraview 5.8.
When I build the writer plugin the 2 .so files are made: The writer plugin loads OK into the ParaView GUI
but crashes when invoked. The error msg when it crashes is:
( 236.266s) [pvserver ] vtkSIProxy.cxx:415 ERR| vtkSIWriterProxy (0x55e02b01cac0): Failed to create 'vtkTrackVisWriter'. This typically means that ParaView does not know about the request class to create an instance of if. Ensure that it has been correctly wrapped using the client-server wrappers and the wrapping has been initialized. Note class names are case-sensitive. Check for typos. Aborting for debugging purposes.
(I am running in client/server mode.)

I believe the is flawed.
The vtkTrackVisWriterClientServer.cxx file generated by vtkWrapClientServer-pv5.8 just contains:
#include “vtkSystemIncludes.h”
#include “vtkClientServerInterpreter.h”
void VTK_EXPORT vtkTrackVisWriter_Init(vtkClientServerInterpreter* /csi/)
For my reader the corresponding file is a full wrapper code.
I am wondering if this is something to do with vtkPolyDataWriter.cxx being in
Any help much appreciated.


Changing the class of my writer from vtkPolyDataWriter to vtkWriter solved the problem for me. If anyone can point me to docs explaining ramifications of vtkPloyDataWriter being legacy it would be appreciated.


The vtkPolyDataWriter is in the “Legacy” directory but it has been for a while and is not deprecated and should be usable.

But unless you output data into the .vtk format, there is no reason to use it

The wrapping code is not generated probably because of an incorrect export. You should replace the VTK_EXPORT by the actual correct module export.

No idea why using vtkWriter fixes it.

a little bit late to the party but had the same problem with current paraview. the trick is that VTK::IOCore was missing in the vtk.module file or paraview.plugin file (i added it to both), after that it works. I have to say that i am no fan of this new module build system, i did not get any linker error, also the plugin loaded, it simply crashed without a good error message. I searched for errors in my code and xml’s for a while…