Paraview's 2DC Cylindrical Cell Mass totals not equaling CTH's OCTH or closed form totals.

I’ll preface this saying a fairly new user to both CTH and ParaView, so I’m leaning towards this being user error and not any issues with the programs.

I have a half a circle set up in CTH using the 2DC cylindrical coordinates, along with AMR enabled. The hand calcs for the mass of the full 3D shape match very closely with CTH OCTH calculation based on the 2D inputs. When I use ParaView to tabulate and sum the Cell Data for the sphere’s part/material, the total is around 30% larger than the predicted value. Furthermore, the error increase as the simulation progresses

ParaView Process:
Load spcth > Volume Data > Extract CTH parts
Then I’m using the split view to bring up the Spreadsheet
Showing: ExtractCTHParts > Attributes: Cell data >
the Cell data is then saved in .csv and tableted manually.

Is Paraview calculating its own mass values or grabbing it from the SPCTH?
I must be missing some steps in order to extract the true CTH mass.