ParaViewWeb client-side rendering


I’m using paraviewweb in GeometryDelivery mode (ParaViewWebLocalRendering protocol). I want rendering to happen only on the client side. How can I avoid rendering on the server-side? I’m assuming that simple.Show() triggers server-side rendering. what’s the appropriate alternative if I’m only interested to send the geometry?

server is based on paraview osmesa


simple.Show() actually create the representation and does not necessary trigger a render. Since the geometry is coming from the “rendering” part, you still need to keep all those pieces. But you should be able to disable the “wait time” associated to a Render call on OSMesa backend.

To achieve that, you should change a flag on the view to actually disable such render while keeping the same method calls.

view.SuppressRendering = 1

Thanks @jourdain. That’s exactly what I needed