Paraviewweb docker issue


I am trying to setup paraviewweb inside a docker container. I have followed this tutorial Kitware/paraviewweb-demo: Website and launcher for ParaViewWeb container demo (, the osmesa version and using the kitware/paraview:pvw-v5.7.1-osmesa-py3 image.

When I start the container I can see the 4 application (Visualizer, Divvy, Lite and Glance) but if I try and connect to Lite for example I get a “Connection closed before receiving a handshake response” error or for Visualizer & Divvy I get “Session did not start before timeout expired. Check session logs.”

Also I have checked the logs found at


and they all say the following:

Presets were imported successfully
wslink: Starting factory
CRITICAL:twisted:wslink: Starting factory

I have not modified anything yet this happened on a fresh container.

Does anyone know what the issue might be.


I’m not sure what could be happening. But you may want to use an image younger than four years old.
I would use a trame based image and setup ParaView 5.11 either by mounting it or bundling it within your image.



Would using the Trame docker image still allow me to use Paraview-lite through a launcher config?

yes, the core infrastructure is exactly the same