ParaViewweb netcdf support

Hi everyone, does paraviewweb support nercdf(.nc) files? I always get error when I open netcdf files with it, such as

( 54.356s) [paraview ] vtkNetCDFCAMReader.cxx:132 ERR| vtkNetCDFCAMReader (0x17841060): NetCDF error: NetCDF: Invalid dimension ID or name ( 54.357s) [paraview ] vtkNetCDFCAMReader.cxx:346 ERR| vtkNetCDFCAMReader (0x17841060): Cannot find the number of time steps (time dimension). ( 54.357s) [paraview ] vtkNetCDFCAMReader.cxx:489 WARN| vtkNetCDFCAMReader (0x17841060): Missing a file name. ( 54.357s) [paraview ] vtkExecutive.cxx:741 ERR| vtkPVCompositeDataPipeline (0x1781e2d0): Algorithm vtkFileSeriesReader (0x17841a00) returned failure for request: vtkInformation (0x1789b8d0)

It seems that nercdfCamReader instead of netcdfReader is being used, which caused the problem.

Also I want to ask, how can I view netcdf file and vtp file on the phone? Can it be done with paraviewweb using browsers on the phone? I found an old app from kitware called kiwiviewer which can display its built-in vtp files but can not load local files.

ParaViewWeb (or trame) can load netcdf (assuming either VTK or ParaView can load your file) on the server and send interactive images to the client like the browser of your phone.

But as you can imagine, the processing+rendering is happening remotely on the server…