Paraviewweb on ubuntu18.04

I am trying to install ParaViewWeb with multi-user. Here is my issue :

Here is my launcher.json:

Here is my apache configuration:

Thank you!

The sessionURL is wrong. Based on your setup, you assume that all your clients should reach back on ws://localhost:8080/... while you seems to connect to your service on port 80.
A possible solution will be to set it to ws://localhost:80/... but then you won’t allow any non local users to connect. It would be best to use your external IP or domain name…

On top of that I’m pretty sure your process did not start properly. Please look at your session log inside /data/pvw/logs/...

When I set it to ws://localhost:80, it didn’t work

Here are logs in pvw/logs

I tried replacing ‘-dr’ with ‘–dr’, but it still doesn’t work

Should I remove ‘-f’?

After I removed ‘-f’

You seem to use a regular paraview relying on X for rendering but I’m not sure if you have X running on your server. Usually we rely on offscreen version of ParaView for expose such service.

Thx! I will give it a try!

When I run the x server,but still didn’t work. Can you recommend a version of paraview that supports offscreen rendering?

What is the session log this time? Also could you explain your setup as it is very hard to guess everything you are doing here. (Do you use docker, are you running it directly on your system ubuntu, …?)

Also, remember that your sessionURL was wrong and I don’t know if you fixed it or not.

Moreover, if you have a hard time understanding what you are doing and why, it might be worth reading that guide just for reference.