ParaViewWeb : simple server has built in primitive ?


I am just getting started learning ParaViewWeb and tried the following command

./bin/pvpython     ./share/paraview-5.9/web/visualizer/server/     --content ./share/paraview-5.9/web/visualizer/www/     --data $PWD/share/paraview-5.9/data     --port 8080

When I connect to it from a web browser, I can see that it has some primitives like Cone

I looked at the but did not see Cone so I am wondering if those are built in primitive for quick troubleshooting purposes ?


Those come from a list of available proxies. Right now we have a subset of what ParaView has, but this can be extended to match exactly what is available in ParaView or even come up with more. You will just need to provide a custom proxies.json file and provide it as argument when you run it. You can see all the args by running with --help or looking at that section in the code.