ParFlow reader plugin for

Dear ParaView development team,

My name is Hoang Tran, I’m trying to install paraview for conda. It has a vast of useful plugins!
However, I would like to ask if you can help me to compile the ParFlow plugin for this module. I found ParFlow plugin available in the latest version of the ParaView software ( It would be great if it is also included in the paraview python module.

Thank you so much,

What do you mean by :

install paraview for conda.


Hi, sorry if I was not clear!
I ran conda install -c conda-forge paraview to install the paraview module for anaconda3 (

If the ParFlow plugin is not present in the ParaView binaries provided by conda, there is nothing you can do except ask the conda people to add it.

Alternatively, you can use the official binaries that do contain the ParFlow plugin.

Hi Mathieu,
I can’t find any contact from “conda people”. Thought it is quite appropriate to post here asking for help…

Here you go :

As I said alternatively, you can use the official binaries that do contain the ParFlow plugin.

Thank you Mathieu,
I will ask for help from the anaconda people.
I understand that ParFlow plugin can be used within the ParaView application but again, I strongly want to use the ParFlow plugin for ParaView in anaconda in an independent manner. Those binaries from your link are complied specifically for ParaView application (I think).

Indeed, plugin binaries are compatible only for the binaries they have been compiled for.