particle doesn't back to the original place in cyclic boundary

Hi everyone,
I am running a simulation with one pair cyclic boundary but the particle after passing one cyclic side doesn’t reappear again but t but I can see the shadow of the velocity field on another side as well. is there any setting in Paraview that could solve the problem

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please include screenshot of the issue.

I’m confused what is the issue here, but in any case, the issue must probably be in your simulation, not in ParaView.

I see, okay. thank you.

The issue is in cyclic boundary usually the particle after passing one side of the cyclic side should back to the original position but in my case particle doesn’t back to the original place.

@Arghavanizad I think we are confused about what you are doing with ParaView and what you expect to happen. From your screenshot, it looks like you are opening two open.foam files and then hitting Play to watch an animation of particles in these files.

If this is what you are doing and the particles are not going where you expect them to, then the problem is with your simulation. ParaView is just showing you what the simulation provided. If the simulation is not respecting cyclic boundaries, then you will have to ask for help in the forum for that simulation.

By the way, if you want to take a screenshot of Windows, consider using the Snip program, which comes with Windows. It is easier and makes a clearer image than taking a picture of the screen. (See this Windows support article for more details.)

yes, you are right. now the problem solved.