Particle path from point source with no time defined


I was wondering if it’s possible to create a point source, use it as seed to get particle path for a series of pvtu files (name1.pvtu, name2.pvtu etc.) which upload 3D unstructured grid data to ParaView 5.8.0. The vtu files connected to each pvtu naturally don’t have the definition of time, but because they are a series of files what I have is like a temporal dataset after uploading all of them (selecting name…pvtu when opening the file, hence it looks like name* in Pipeline browser). I had several attempts, but couldn’t get my particle path yet…

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I’m not sure what the ParticlePath filter is doing, but the ParticleTracer plus the Temporal Particles To Pathlines filter seems to work.

First, try attaching ParticleTracer to your pvtu file series and seed points. You should just see the seed points to start. If you hit Play, then you should see the seeds animate. (Note that because it is advecting over time, the time spent in between timesteps is important. By default, ParaView will assume each file in your time series is separated by 1 unit of time, which might not agree with the distance per time units of your velocity field.)

If it looks like the particles are animating right, you can then add the Temporal Partcles To Pathlines filter to get the actual path. Set Mask Points to 1 and Id Channel Array to InjectedPointId. After that when you hit Play you should see the pathlines growing.

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Hi Kenneth,

Thanks very much for your reply. It’s weird that when I attach ParticleTracer to my seed points, the points disappear…

I created Global ID’s for my seed points which I upload as a vtk file, the particles show up and change location over time steps, but when I add Temporal Particles to Pathlines filter, the path lines don’t appear. I used Id Channel Array as InjectedPointId.