Particle path

Hey Guys,

I am trying to post-process my data and visualise the particle path from the CSV file with the x,y, and z values. I used the table to points and from there I tried to use particle path filter and the second I choose it it will crash. Can someone please help me, I am really stuck here and need to get it done as soon as possible.


Please share your dataset.

Hi Mathieu,
Please find the dataset on the shared link below:


Your dataset is not temporal, so you can’t use TemporalParticlesToPathLines.
The simplest way to fix that after looking at your file is to separate you file into multiple numbered file.

It would look like that :
Transform your paraview_particles.csv

time values...
0 x y z
1 x y z

Into paraview_particles0.csv

time values...
0 x y z

and paraview_particles1.csv

time values...
1 x y z

Also you may want to work with a much smaller dataset until you understand your workflow with ParaView.

I also want to do this. Can you talk about the specific steps of using csv for particle tracking? It would be better if you could share a sample. :smile:

I explained just above. Did you try my suggestion ?