Passing a custom flag to pvbatch

With paraview 5.10,

pvbatch --displays=0 my-script --my-flag=xxx

fails with unknown option --my-flag=xxx. I also tried

pvbatch --displays=0 my-script -- -my-flag=xxx

and I get the same error. This worked with paraview 5.9. Is there a way to pass an arg starting with “–” to the script?

> cat /tmp/
import sys
print("Args: ", sys.argv)
./bin/pvbatch -- /tmp/ foo
Args:  ['/tmp/', 'foo']

Thanks, it looks like flag --display is acting strangely.

pvbatch --mpi /tmp/ --foo

works as expected

pvbatch --displays=0 /tmp/ --foo

fails with unknown option --foo.

pvbatch --displays 0 /tmp/ --foo

fails in the same way.

pvbatch --displays=0 /tmp/

fails with

( 0.122s) [pvbatch ] pvpython.h:95 ERR| No script specified. Please specify a batch script or use 'pvpython'.

Try this instead:

pvbatch --displays=0 -- /tmp/  --foo

Note the -- separator added just before the Python script is specified. That helps break which command line args are processed by ParaView and which ones are passed on to the Python interpreter.

Thanks. That worked.