Pb with PointDataToCellData with categorical data


I’m trying to use the PointDataToCellData filter but it seems that this filter produces no output when I activate the “Categorical Data” option.
Is there something special to take care off with that option ?

Here is a sample python script to demonstrate my issue :

import paraview
from paraview.simple import *

# create a new 'Superquadric'
superquadric1 = Superquadric(registrationName='Superquadric1')

# create a new 'Python Calculator'
pythonCalculator1 = PythonCalculator(registrationName='PythonCalculator1', Input=superquadric1)
pythonCalculator1.Expression = '(points[:, 0] > 0).astype(int) + 2*(points[:, 1] > 0).astype(int)+4*(points[:, 2] > 0).astype(int)'
pythonCalculator1.ArrayName = 'domain'

# create a new 'Point Data to Cell Data'
pointDatatoCellData1 = PointDatatoCellData(registrationName='PointDatatoCellData1', Input=pythonCalculator1)
pointDatatoCellData1.ProcessAllArrays = 0
pointDatatoCellData1.PointDataArraytoprocess = ['domain']
pointDatatoCellData1.CategoricalData = 1

That definitely looks like an issue. I have been able to reproduce with a superquadir but no issue with a wavelet so I’m not sure of the cause.

Please open an issue on: https://gitlab.kitware.com/paraview/paraview/-/issues

I’ve opened the issue #21754.