pflotran hd5 file

I have a dataset in hd5 format from my simulation with Pflotran.
I’d like to know if it is possible to extract the data as a function of time in a specific point of the model domain.
I saw that there is a filter to do this for other data formats.

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ForceTime filter ?

If you can read your data in ParaView, you can process it as any other format.

Hi Mathieu,
yes I can definitely open the file, but I tried to use the same routine as in this tutorial, but I cannot get a result. Any suggestion?

Plot point over time

  • Edit → Reset Session.
  • Open can.exo. Turn on all data. Apply .
  • Drag the can around with the left mouse button until you can see the can.
  • We want to plot a point over time. First, we need to select a point.
  • Click on Select Points On icon. Then, click on a point on the can.
  • Filters→Data Analysis→Plot Point Over Time . Apply.
  • Display tab, unselect everything other than DISPL (Magnitude)
  • You now have a plot of the displacement. at your point.
  • Extra Credit – Using Select Cells On icon, and the Plot Cell Over Time , plot EQPS over time.

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Plot over time should work.

Could you share your data ?

Hi Mathew,
here is one of the files:

Thank you for your help,

Plot data over time works with your dataset:

Hi Mathieu,
Sounds great, how did you get that?
I couldn’t make it with that procedure

Thanks a lot,

Valentina Romano, PhD
Earth Sciences Department
Sapienza University of Rome

  • Open your file with the PFOLTRAN reader
  • Check all the cells data, Apply
  • Add a plot data over time filterm Field association CELLS, Apply
  • Create a QuartileChartView, show the plot over time filter in it