Phase Colours Not visible

Hello All,
I’m visualising 3 phase grain microstructures generated using dream 3d software.I want to visualise the 3 phases and their distribution in the imported .xdmf file which I’m opening with PV 4.2.

As can be seen, I’m shown a monochromatic black colour in spite of the expected distribution. Please help in changing the settings fro the above-attached image so that I visualise many different microstructures.
Ankur GurjarBoneLikeStructure_23.dream3d (765.8 KB) BoneLikeStructure_23.xdmf (1.9 KB)

Please upgrade your ParaView.

Hello Sir,
Thanks for your reply
Actually,the same problem is creeping up in the latest version which i downloaded from website as well.
PFA the snip for your kind reference.

Please help.

Can you do the following and share a screenshot :

  • Source Wavelet, Apply
  • Variable : RTData
  • Representation : Surface

Also share the last part of Help -> About

Hello Sir,
I’ve attached 2 snips.

  1. Source wavelet,variable as RT data and representation as surface
  2. Help->About

Please check the “Map Scalars” checkbox in the properties panel. This should fix all your issues.

Yes sir,
I’m able to visualise the phase now.
Thanks a lot.