Pipeline browser name filtering


I have multiple layers in my pipeline browser loaded from separate *.pvd files. It works just perfect when the data are loaded manualy (by drag and drop, file(layer) by file). However just after I save the state of the project into the pvsm and load it again I loose my naming of the files and the numbers in filenames are replaced by dots, so instead of original names

I got after reloading the model


What is bit anoying for further sharing the model.

Is it somehow possible to turn of the filenames grouping for the pipeline browser?

Many thanks

I would suggest you to avoid using numbering but instead use lettering if possible.

Hi Mathieu,

thanks for your instant reply. Unfortunatelly, the naming convention is already given and highly depending on numbers. (btw. the naming in the example above is just a very simplified example)


Actually, I’m not able to reproduce. could you provide simple files and steps to reproduce the problem ?

Hey Mathieu,

find attached two sample files. The flowchart I follow:

  1. Load the files separately by drag and drop into the pipeline browser

  2. save the state into a *.pvsm file

  3. move the folder onto another computer or folder

  4. load the pvsm using an option of defining the path in the new folder (Search files under specified directory)
    note: the naming stays OK if go with the option “Use File Names from State”

  5. names in pipeline browser are simplified as numbers are no more visible

I’m using Paraview 5.6.0 (same happening in the 5.7.0)


sample.zip (11.2 KB)

I reproduce. That’s a bug. Nice find.
I’ve created an issue here :