Pipeline for rendering vtkMultiBlockDataSet

I would like to understand how to render a vtkMultiBlockDataSet made of vertices, lines, polygons and polyhedra. I can load my vtm file into Paraview and it works but I don’t understand what pipeline steps are used to make the rendering. I tried to look into the code, but not sure where to look.

Could you explain the mapper and filters you are using to make it work?

Thanks for the help

The multiblock surfacic data is extracted using the vtkDataSetSurfaceFilter and displayed using the vtkCompositePolyDataMapper. There is not much more to it.

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Thanks a lot for your quick answer!

I may have another question. How do you activate a Scalar property on PointData of the Blocks?

To be more exact, the mapper used is vtkCompositePolyDataMapper and the surface representation (vtkGeometryRepresentation) is computed using vtkPVGeometryFilter which internally uses vtkGeometryFilter (it used to use vtkDataSetSurfaceFilter).

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To set the scalar property for PointData of the Blocks, you need to use SetInputArrayToProcess on vtkGeometryRepresentation, which is exposed through the proxy using the ColorArrayName property.

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