Placing slice filters ALONG a pipe


I am trying to create multiple slices along tube-like geometries.

If I use the standard slice filter, the plane cuts across the entire domain like this:

This results in two slices. I don’t want this:

Instead I want a series of slices like this:

The problem is, using the slice + clip function is very time-intensive and I was wondering if there is a better way. For example, defining a plane with a point, normal and radius. Or defining a plane with 3 points. I also have a polyline (centerline) which might be useful for this process.

Currently, I need to apply slice + clip manually which is slow for many cross-sections and geometries.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Are you applying Slice first and then Clip? That should be much faster than Clip then Slice.

Also, you might try using Extract Cells by Region instead of Clip. The extract filter might be faster.