Plans for built-in 3D Connexion Support?

There is OpenVR plugin but no VRPlugin.
Paraview 5.6.0 Windows 10 64 bit

Indeed, it should be added though.

Please don’t forget about macOS version, too. :wink:

I downloaded the new version 5.6.1, but unfortunately VRPlugin has not been added.
Is it possible to download just this plugin to add, for windows?

You would still need to build ParaView and the VR plugin manually until it is added in the release.

until it is added in the release.

Is there an ETA for this? You noted previously that it should be added, but I couldn’t find an issue to do so (other than mine). Thanks!

We would need a funding for that. I was planning to give it a go when I had the time, but we are quite busy with the release of ParaView 5.7.

If you can contribute to that, do not hesitate to contact our commercial services at

As of ParaView 5.8.1, macOS and Windows binary installers from will include vrpn_server with 3D Connexion SpaceMouse product support. It was added in this superbuild merge request:

To use the VRPN server with a SpaceMouseCompact, for example, create a VRPN configuration file (a text file you can name vrpn.cfg) with the single line:

vrpn_3DConnexion_SpaceMouseCompact device0

For SpaceMousePro, replace the line above with

vrpn_3DConnexion_SpaceMousePro device0

(You can support both devices at once, just call one device0 and the other device1).

Launch vrpn_server from the ParaView binaries directory with

vrpn_server -f vrpn.cfg

Start ParaView and load the VRPlugin (Tools -> Manage Plugins…). In the VR Panel, click “Restore VR State” and load this ParaView VR configuration file. SpaceMouseCompact.pvvr (435 Bytes) Click the “Start” button in the VR Panel. You should now be able to manipulate the camera with the SpaceMouse Compact or Pro.


Thank you very much for implementing the 3D mouse control. With the latest Windows binary installer, I am unable to get the SpaceMousePro to work with Paraview 5.8.1-RC2. I followed your instructions above and was wondering if it is because the VR configuration file is for the SpaceMouseCompact and not the SpaceMousePro. I can only zoom with the Pro and have no rotation or pan capability.

I had a similar result on Windows. Tilting the SpaceMouse forward/back does zoom (instead of rotation) while other controls have no effect. This was with the 5.8.1 MPI .zip install.

I’ll have to secure a Windows machine to investigate. I’m not sure when that will be.

Differentiating between SpaceMousePro and SpaceMouseCompact should be done in the vrpn.cfg file that configures the server - I don’t think the VR configuration file should need to be changed.

Sorry, I should’ve been more specific; I have a Compact.

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The 3DConnexion drivers have to be stopped/uninstalled.


  1. Deactivate/Uninstall 3DConnexion drivers (or kill all 3dx* processes in task manager)
  2. Connect SpaceMouse Compact or Pro
  3. Create vrpn.cfg with entry for specific device
  4. launch vrpn_server.exe -f path/to/vrpn.cfg
    Note: If moving the 6DoF sensor scrolls a web page or zooms it is not set up correctly
  5. Connect to vrpn_server in ParaView

That could be the problem. I’ll check when I have a minute.

That solved the problem. I will say that, although it works okay for me, uninstalling the drivers is not really a viable option for most SpaceMouse users.

Given COVID and work-from-home, it’s probably also worth mentioning that this doesn’t seem to work through remote desktop.

@woodscn Remote usage could be enabled by setting up TCP forwarding in the remote desktop software (e.g. in Anydesk) and forwarding the vrpn port. But I think it won’t run smoothly when connected via internet

Yeah, smoothness would obviously be a problem. However, the incomplete functionality (tilt to zoom, nothing else) does work remotely without additional configuration. The fact that you have to kill the 3dconnexion processes (which are required for use with other programs) is still a much more severe problem.

The SpaceMousePro seems to work with Paraview 5.9.1 but the pan does not seems to work. Is anyone else having this issue?