Plot a simple XY chart

I want to draw a simple line chart with Paraview. It is a simple XY plot. My input data is something like

0 0
1 1
2 1.4142
4 2

I would like to store this data in a file with a format that paraview can read and generate a simple plot like this.


I would like to know what the file type and required format should be. Any help would be appreciated

The simple way to go is with a csv file.

  • Open ParaView
  • Open your csv file
  • Set separator to " "
  • Apply
  • Create a new view, Line Chart View
  • Show your file in the view
  • In Series Parameters, check “Y”


Thanks a lot! It worked out!
I am curious whether one can instruct Paraview to connect the discrete data points with line types other than a straight line. In Tecplot, for example, I can visualize this plot using different line styles

line segment

Polynomial fit


Different interpolation methods for plots are not supported to my knowledge.

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This question is close to my requirement. But I still have a question about how to draw a x-y curve with point data imported by vtk file. As shown below I can only draw time-y curve or x-y curve with avg/max/q3/std values at a frame. They are neither x-y curve with all frame data. I post the data file also.
Thanks if anyone can help! (4.8 KB)

Try unchecking Only Report Selection Statistics.