Plot data over circle

I would like to perform plot over circle for processing some 3D fem results.
I’ve tried to apply “Slice with Plane” filter and then use “Plot on Intersection curve” filter with either a sphere or cylinder with appropriate size. When applying “Plot on intersection curve” filter, I got the following errors:

ERROR: In ./VTK/Common/DataModel/vtkDataObjectTree.cxx, line 206
vtkMultiPieceDataSet (0x5571df679b90): CopyStructure has encountered an error and will fail!

Is this proper way of proceeding? If yes, what’s wrong? If not could you tell me how to proceed?


Sir i am a students also new in cfd. But i had faced the similar problem. The problem is creating because in your data file 266 line has no valid value.In my case i had an issue in vtk file my code my saving function had error That’s why this problem chcek ur code where saving function or vTk format. Let me know i also want learn. Thank u sir

In my case, if I do it the other way round: Slice, choose option Cylinder then Plot on Intersection curve with a plane it works. At least for Data arrays. For Cell arrays, I need first to create Data arra from Cell array and apply the above procedure.

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Sir i my case to overcome my Problem i used csv file instead of vtk file problem sloved.Because in csv file i dont need to write any additional code for dimensions .u can try it.let me know…