Plot field against blade length

Hello everyone, I have plotted a field on blades of a pump in a my simulations. Th problem is, I get the plot against the region Id, however I would like to have a plot against the blade length on the x-axis, where the the first end of the blade is 0 mm and the end of the blade is its length in mm.

Can anyone advise how to do this?

I have attached necessary files.


blade1-sliced-plots.pvsm (733.2 KB)

I think Plot On Sorted Lines should do the trick. Use arc_length for x-axis – which is default after the filter has been applied.

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Ok great, that did the trick, another question would be now how do I know which side of the blade is the one on the plot? Are the variables added along the arc_length for both sides? How do I differentiate them and plot them seperately?


The output from Plot on Sorted Lines can be shown in the 3D view too. Then, try coloring it with arc_length and you should know which end is which. The arc_length starts from 1 end and continues till the other end.

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Great it worked!!

Thanks a lot!

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