Plot generic array over time

I am a new user in using Paraview, I want to know how is it possible to plot over time of a generic array. Let me explain: I have been filtering data from a result provided by flow3D via python and I would like to plot this data against the raw one. Do you know if it is possible to plot over time of this derived data?

I report a simple example of the data I would like to plot:

from paraview.simple import *
import numpy as np
CellSize = GetActiveSource()
raw_data_handle = servermanager.Fetch(CellSize)
raw_data= np.asarray(raw_data_handle.GetFieldData().GetArray('Control Volume Chamber 1: Fill Fraction'))
raw_time= np.asarray(raw_data_handle.GetFieldData().GetArray('Time'))


for i in range (0,len(data)-1):

print (D)

Thanks for the help!