Plot of a magnitud over time at specific location?


I want to extract data over at a specific point.
What is the best way to do this?
I have tried PlotSelectionOverTime but ParaView shows data in quartiles, median, etc. I don’t know what is this for.
I just want to read pressure (defined at each node in my Exodus file) at a specific location.
How can I define a point in the domain not using the mouse. I only know PointSelectionOn which allows me te dine a point with the mouse, instead of me defining the coordinates.

Find Data.

Tutorial here:, then Advanced Data Analysis.

ParaView Guide: Chapter 6.3.

With regards to the PlotSelectionOverTime filter, see the Tutorial listed above, then Beginning Plotting. You can turn off statistics by unselecting Only Report Selection Statistics.

I think you may also be interested in the Spreadsheet view. Again, tutorials listed above, then Advanced Data Analysis.

Hope I understood your question correctly!