Plot on Intersection Curves yields incorrect line plot

I am trying to get the line plot of the intersection of spherical shell with a plane along the z-axis using a PlotOnIntersectionCurves filter but the resulting line chart is vastly different from when the data are extracted and plotted with some other external tool e.g. Python and matplotlib.

Am I do something wrong/missing something obvious in ParaView?

Steps to replicate

  1. Filters > Plot on Intersection Curves
  2. Set Plane Parameters for intersection curve to:
    Origin: 0, 0, 0.5
    Normal: 0, 0, 1

Paraview output

Actual result

The result albeit oscillatory agrees with the “true” solution for our problemimage


rad_adams_pincell.detector.Group1.Neutron.1.vtu (49.5 KB)

Additional info

Paraview 5.10.0-RC1

Since your data contains a lot of duplicate points, you need to remove them first. Therefore, before applying the Plot On Intersection Curves filter, use the Extract Surface filter to convert it to vtkPolyData, and then run the Clean filter with the following options:

  • Tolerance Is Absolute: On
  • Absolute Tolerance: 0.001

The result will look something like this.