Plot over a curved cross section

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I am trying to make line plots of the pressure distribution on a specific cross-section of an aircraft wing using ParaView. I’ve exported my raw data into VTK format, and the data represents the pressure values over the wing surface. I am facing difficulties in plotting it properly. I tried two different approaches:

(a) Simply taking a slice and using the “Plot Data” filter.

(b) Importing the points coordinates, creating a polyline, applying a programmable filter, slicing along the polyline, and then plotting on the curve intersection.

Unfortunately, neither of these methods has worked for me. As I am new to ParaView, I am seeking valuable suggestions on how to plot this type of case properly. I have attached my coordinates at a certain section on the wing, VTM and VTS files for your reference.

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you. (2.1 MB)
crmG0_23M_n0547099_t4.300e+02_BCWall.walldata (1.4 MB)
coordSecA.txt (9.3 KB)

could anyone please help?

Please keep in mind people usually dont look at this discourse during the weekend.

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The following is a brief description of how to plot wing sections.

  1. Load all vts files.
  2. On the Pipelilne Browser, select all vts files and merge them into one with the Group Datasets filter.
  3. Merge them into one unstructured grid using the Merge Blocks filter.
  4. Convert the analysis result array to point data with Cell Data To Point Data filter.
  5. Slice the wing surface with the Slice filter.
  6. Plot the graph with Plot On Sorted Lines filter.

State file is attached for your reference. I hope it helps you.
slice_wing.pvsm (870.0 KB)

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@Kyoshimi Thank you very much for your response. It will surely help me a lot. Thank you so much.