Plot over a random curved line in paraview contour plot

Hi I have attached an image. I want to extract the data along the white line between the red and blue regions. THis is the air-water interface. How can i do it efficiently?

Use the Find Data dialog Alt text to select points based on the appropriate value of alpha-water and then click on Extract Selection.

Thanks, i will see.

It is working, but it is not extracting all the points withe range of values i am giving. using the extract selction option.

Means if i draw a line then i can see all the points on the line but if i select the extract selection many points are missing which are there when plotted over a line option.

How are these lines defined? Maybe you need to give a range instead of a fixed value when extracting data ?

Even if i give a range, the plot over line option gives much more data points than the extract option.

Not sure I understand. Could you share some screenshots and maybe a sample of the data ?

Hi Yes i have attached a screenshot. I have selected alpha.water=.48-.5, so it should select the entire white line between the blue and red colors, but it is only selecting only a few points marked by pink color.

The above picture indicates that there are no points (other than pink marked color) that has the range of values from .48-.5, but that is not true. THe entire air-water interface (white line) has the value close to .5

not sure what is wrong, could you share the file ?

Hi Chris I think i am not going to be able to share the data since i have a non discl agreement with my university. I am sorry. Can i help you in some other way?

Can you share a screenshot of this ?

Means if i draw a vertical line at any random x on the slice i get a value very close to 0.5 near the white line. but when i use a extract option dialogue many of those points go missing.

It might be more convenient to utilize Contour filter for extracting lines where the value of the alpha.water variable equals 0.5.

Yes i have used that for now.

In the above figure can you please say how can i extract all the points on the lower most edge on the 2D slice, i.e. at the pipe bottom wall. i am attaching again.

Since the data are separated by alpha.water value I would try the Threshold filter.