Plot over line clipping bug

Hi all,
For some time I’ve been experiencing an issue when plotting over line of xdmf files.

As you can see above, the line overlap one another in a funny way, which makes the visualisation really difficult. I had the issue on three different computer and I’m currently using 5.7.

Thanks for the help !

please share a way to reproduce the issue.

Here are the XDMF files I’m using.
To reproduce the bug, simply load the xdmf file, then PlotOverLine (any direction) and click Play. (2.8 MB)

Looks fine to me using ParaView 5.7. I always see a single line, moving slightly over time.

I had the issue on three different machines so I reckon it’s either a bug or something I do wrong (more likely). Here’s a video of what I see: (2.6 MB)

I do the same without any issue, using 5.7.0 . can you specify the specs of the computers you tried with ?

Sure :

  • GPU : Nvidia Quadro P2000
  • CPU : Intel® Xeon® E-2186G CPU @ 3.80GHz

What is your OS ?

Sorry: I use both Windows 10 Pro and Ubuntu 18.04

@mwestphal, I also tried and nor do I get the errant behavior (Windows 10 with an old Quadro K4200). Sounds like a graphics driver issue. Weird that you would same the same behavior on two different OS’s though.

@Rem, What happens if in the properties for the line chart view you set Left Axis Use Custom Range? It might also be helpful to update the graphics driver.

@Kenneth_Moreland in fact it was on 3 different computers. One had RX 480 + Intel i5 the other GeForce GTX 150 Ti + Intel i7 (both Windows 10)
The problem is still here when setting Custom Range :

Hi all,
After a while a went back to this issue, updated all my drivers on all my machines using paraview, and I am still exeperiencing this issue.

This is a total wild, bad guess, but try getting rid of your configuration files.
Edit/ Reset to Default Settings. Yes. Restart Paraview. Now try.

Nope didn’t do the trick.
It seems that the window is zooming in and immediately zooming out at each time step which makes this clipping effect (see attached video).2019-12-20 09-55-34.rar (1.3 MB)

hi all, don’t know if this bug (if it is indeed one) has been further investigated or not… I updated all my drviers and all but still no improvement. I forgot to mention that while playing the animation, I can encounter this kind of issue (see picture). The window goes back to normal if the cursor to it. Does that give any hint ?