Plot over line crash since paraview 5.7

To reproduce, on Windows platform:
1.load a png image
2. filter->plot over line
3. apply

ParaView5.6 can handle above process and generate correct plot.

I have tested in 5.7 and 5.8(both Official release and built from source), all versions crashed.
I tried debug my build version, it crash at pqPropertyPanel.cxx::updateDisplayPanel, (line 582 in paraview5.7 source).

My build env: VisualStudio 2017, python 3.7, Qt 5.14.2

Unable to reproduce on linux here.

I record gifs for both version:


Hi Mathieu,
I think I may find the reson.
If you check the checkbox Settings -> General -> Inherit Representation Properties, Then Plot Over Line will crash. I have tested uncheck it, it works well. Meanwhile in paraview 5.6, check this property will not cause crash, but an error message appear: vtkCompositeRepresentation.cxx:357 vtkPVCompositeRepresentation: No representation was found with Name: Slice.
So problem may comes from ‘Slice’ Representation inherited from the vtkImage trying to apply to a plot.

I reproduce.

Can you open an issue on our gitlab ?