Plot over line does not show the chart

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I am having problem with vtu file. When i want to plot temperature values over the line, the chart window opens, but does not show any data. Does anybody knows what coud be causing the problem?

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Is your input dataset 2D ? If that so you will need to ensure the dataset and line are on the same plane.

Yes, It is 2D dataset. For some reason it is not on z=0 plane as the original mesh, but it looks like paraview sets the plotting line on the right plane, so it should work fine. Unfortunately there is error during uploading the VTU file here, so its only on google drive

Looks like this is working well with ParaView 5.10.1

Reinstallation helped. Is there a way to align the dataset to xy plane to avoid further confusions?

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Yes, you can use the calculator and force the Z coordinates to zero.

Could you please elaborate this? I am new to paraview and I am struggling with the calculator filter.

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Hi @Jonas

Here are exact steps:

  • Run ParaView
  • Open your dataset, Apply
  • Filters → Alphabetical → Calculator
  • coordsX*iHat+coordsY*jHat+0*kHat
  • Check the "Coordinates Results` checkbox
  • Apply

It works perfect,
Thank you

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