Plot Over Line have NaN values

Hello! I’m trying to plot some data from a CFD simulation, but some NaN values appears in the line chart. The z coordinate should be fixed, so I used to slice filter. The x, y coordinates should be random numbers. I’ve tried to increase the resolution, but it doesn’t help.

Could you give me some guidance please? Thank you!


Which version of ParaVIew are you using ?

FYI @timothee.chabat

Thank you for your reply!. I’m using 5.10.0

Ok, please share your data.

I have in hand now is a large zip file (more than 200MB) containing a large visualisation folder (.vtp, .pvtp, .vtu files) and a few .pvd files. I’m still quite new in using ParaView, could you please let me know what files are needed? Or is there a way I can share this zip file with you? Thanks

Wetransfer would work

Thank you, the link in here:

Some of your cells have non-planar faces, hence producing NaNs:

BTW, “T Cells” are considered invalid by many filters.

Thank you for your guidance. For the “T cell” you mean Tetrahedral cells right? Could you please let me know how can I get the mesh view in the screenshot so I investigate it further? Thanks.

No I mean cells like this:


I’m using Tetrahedralize filter.

There is a slightly redundant solution.
For the Slice surface, the Slice filter is used to cut and create a line for the plot. Then, the Plot On Sorted Lines filter is applied to the line, and the plot is now continuous.

You may also apply the Plot On Intersection Curves filter to the Slice plane.

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Hi Kyoshimi. Thank you very much for your advice! It works perfectly for my simulation result.