Plot over line in different times in same line chart

I have an OpenFoam transient simulation and i want to plot the pressure profile at two (or more) different time step in same chart in order to see the evolution of the profile along time.

So, in resume: How can i do to have in the same graph two o more plot over line of same variable but a different time step in the same line chart.?
i.e plot over line of X variable at time t1, plot over line of variable X at time t2 both in same line chart.

Apply Force Time filter first, twice to extract the two timesteps t1 and t2 that you are interested in. Then apply Plot Over Line filter to each of the two Force Time filters separately. Now, you should be able to turn on the visibility of both Plot Over Line filters in the same View. You will need to edit the series labels/colors to avoid ambiguity, but that should do the trick.

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I read your comment and wondering do you know how to plot head over flow graph in paraview? your help will be much appreciated. water head is rising in the box from 0 to 1m with the flow rate of 7 liter per second!

any help will be much appreaciated

@mchoudhry01 please start a new thread since your question doesn’t seem directly related to this thread. also please prove more details on what you’re looking for. It’s not clear to me I understand the problem. thanks.