Plot over line with xdmf

Hi all,

I encountered some issues ploting over lines with xdmf files.
Everything works well if I don’t change the Line Parameters. As soon as I modify these parameters, the plot disapears.

Can someone help ?


could you share your dataset ?

Sure, here it is: retention.xdmf (32.7 KB)

a .xdmf file is not enough. It points to a retention.h5 file.

data.rar (3.4 MB)
Hi, sorry for the late answer. Here’s the data:

Thanks again for your help!

It is working great here, could you share the step to reproduce, your version of ParaView and a screenshot ?

Thing is sometimes this issue doesn’t appear so it’s quite hard to reproduce…
Anyway I solved it by upgrading to 5.7.0
thanks for the help Mathieu!


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