Plot3d ASCII format

I am learning Paraview, I imported plot3d binary files successfully but I have also other data in ASCII file for ARA M100 wing surface that comprises index values(I, J, K) and corresponding (x,y,z) coordinate of each grid points on surface, properties(dn, P/Pinf, T/Tinf, Cf, Ch, Yplus, Cfx, Cfy, Cfz) on each grid points given column-wise for five segments of a grid surface(J0)cfl3d.prout (2.3 MB).
For a quick look at the format of data, please see this pdfm100.pdf (235.4 KB).
When I am importing this file using plot3d-reader, it is showing error “Could not determine if the file has Fortran byte counts”
Please give some suggestions for visualization of properties on the wing surface.

Thank You

A workaround to achieve what you want is to convert your csv file into a tecplot file with python. See the attached script.
cfl3dcsv_tecplot.7z (1.1 MB)

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Thank you so much for your detailed response, I will learn python and further extend it for my other simulation results.