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I just started data visualization in ParaView5.7.0-RC1. I have two binary output files for flow analysis over the delta wing as a grid file(plot3dg.bin) and solution file(plot3dq.bin)plot3dg.bin (17.3 KB) plot3dq.bin (21.6 KB). Grid file is imported well and solid surface is visualized but it shows the error for a solution file(plot3dq.bin) that is “Could not determine settings for file. Cannot read.” please suggest, how can I open the solution file.
Thank You

  • rename your plot3dg.bin into
  • rename your plot3dq.bin into plot3dq.bin.q
  • open ParaView
  • Open your, select the PLOT3D reader
  • In the parameters, select the Q file name, choose your plot3dq.bin.q
  • Apply
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It’s working.Thank You

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Could you please tell me, why is “coefficient of skin friction(Cf)” not included in the list of functions after importing the grid and solution binary files while it is given as output(below the data for coordinates, velocity components, pressure, temp, mach, Cp and tur. viscosity) in ASCII filecfl3d.prout (449.9 KB) that is also generated with binary files by CFL3D code.
Thank You

No idea. Maybe it is not contained in your file, or maybe the file is not read correctly. Please open your .xyz and .q file in another software to check.

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Hello Mathieu,

Where can I find the ‘parameters’ with which I can choose the Q file? I am unable to find this setting.

Click on the cogwheel to show the advanced options:

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