PLOT3D reader doesn't read function data

In version 5.6.0, the PLOT3D reader won’t read variables from my function file unless I also read the q file. I don’t need any of the data in the q file and would prefer not to read it. In the attached example, paraview.p3d is the metafile I would prefer to use, which does not reference the q files. After reading that file, the only Data Array listed in my Information panel is IBlank. paraview_with_q.p3d includes the q files as well. If I read that, all the expected Data Arrays are present, but as I said earlier, the q files are actually extraneous. This bug also shows up if I try to read the .x and .f files directly without a metafile. The q file is not necessary to read the function file in version 5.4.1.pvissue.tar.gz (3.2 MB)

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Eric, thanks a lot for this information. I was struggling as well and searched the web for a while until I found this thread.

With a few simple tests on several different versions of ParaView, I found this bug (or “feature”…) was probably introduced in version 5.6. In version 5.5.2 it loads the function file w/o a .q file. The need for “dummy” .q. file is so irritating and I would love this to be fixed.