plotSelectionOverTime, trace,Extractselection

QuerySelect(QueryString=’(loc == max(loc))’, FieldType=‘POINT’, InsideOut=0)

#calculator1 is defined before, which returns a scalar namely “loc” that changes with time

extractSelection1 = ExtractSelection(Input=calculator1)

plotSelectionOverTime1 = PlotSelectionOverTime(Input=extractSelection1, Selection=None)*

Why this code isn’t working. Is something wrong here? This lines are auto generated by paraview trace. But plotSelectionOverTime cannot able to select the active selection or it has some issues with cell selection from query. Anyone know, whats going on here…


The correct code would be

sel1=QuerySelect(QueryString="(loc == max(loc))", FieldType=“POINT”, InsideOut=0)
extractSelection1 = ExtractSelection(Input=calculator1, Selection=sel1)
plotSelectionOverTime1 = PlotSelectionOverTime(Input=calculator1, Selection=sel1)

Thanks, @jfavre, It worked like a charm. Thanks a ton.