Plotting different objects in positions relative to each other.

Good morning. I am trying to plot on Paraview the flow around / behind a vehicle. I load two different “objects” to the pipeline. On the one hand the CAD model of the vehicle as an .STL, and on the other hand the flowfield in .vtk format (which I then use to plot isosurfaces of interest). When these two objects are loaded, they are located at random positions in space and in different scales. I have managed to rescale them accordingly, but I am unsure as to how I can plot them in the correct position one relative to the other. For instance, when I try to plot the wake flow, I want to locate this relative to the rear of the vehicle. Is there a way to locate objects where needed relative to each other? Thanks!

There is no way to say “translate object A 5 units in the X direction from object B”. Positioning with respect to the global coordinate space is the only way to move objects via the Transform filter or the Transform properties under the Display section in the Properties Panel.

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Their spatial reference will already be predefined in your input files (not random) which is likely the result of your flow simulation software. You should treat one dataset as lying on the true coordinate system and transform the other objects to match it.

I’ve done this with datasets of subsurface imagery from marine seismic exploration and used STL files of cargo ships to add scale/perspective. The STL files do not have a sense of global coordinates and thus you will have to transform those objects.

It sounds like you are trying to transform both objects around… don’t. Choose one as your reference frame and translate the other to match it. In your case, definitely do not treat your STL files as the “true” coordinate system… STL object coordinates are only relative to build out that object’s geometries.

Great, thank you so much Bane!

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