Plotting Segments from CSV file

Hi all,
I would like to plot individual segments, using a CSV file formatted as:
X1 Y1 Z1 X2 Y2 Z2 Intensity
I managed to import the CSV file, then convert it using TableToPoints. Then, thanks to Python Calculator (How do I use three different arrays as components of one vector field?) , I built a V vector of coordinates (X2-X1,Y2-Y1, Z2-Z1). Finally, with Glyph filter, I am almost done, using the correct scaling, mimicking what I can obtain with GnuPlot (see attached picture: here data is simplified with Z1=Z2=0)

I guess I could use Line glyph type instead of Arrow, but then Line is “centered” on X1,Y1,Z1 point. How can I translate each glyph ?

(the other option I can think of use Arrow glyphes, without head and with the same diameter)

Using Paraview v5.8.0
Thank you for you help.
Nicolas (141.9 KB)


Would you try to change the Line Parameters as below? Thereby, the starting points of the seeding lines can be moved as you want.

Point1: 0 0 0
Point2: 1 0 0

I attached the state file:
line_segments.pvsm (544.0 KB)

Hi Kyoshimi
Thanks a lot, it works perfectly.