Plotting selected cells with variable

Hi there, I am trying to plot selected cells with its variable.

I have selected few cells randomly.
The number of each cell is plotted on the x-axis, but how could I recognize which cell belongs to which number? Is it following the sequence when I selected the cells?

Thank you.

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Can you precise what you want to do with a screenshot maybe ?

Hello, thanks for replying.

I wanted to plot the stress magnitude versus the orientation around the circular borehole.

May i know how can i do that?

Thank you.

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I still do not understand.

What is “orientation”? Is that another variable that you can color by?

And when you say you want to plot stress vs orientation, are you talking about something like a scatter plot?

Hi Kenneth, ya I want to make a plot of stress versus the angle orientation around the circle in white.
Hope to hear from you soon…

Thank you.

Plotting on a circle in ParaView is tricky but can be done. The easiest way to do it is to use the Plot On Intersection Curves filter. This filter only works on surfaces. I cannot tell from your screenshot whether your mesh is a 2D mesh on a plane or the top of a 3D block. If you have a 3D mesh, you will first have to use the Slice filter to extract a surface from your mesh.

Once you have a surface, add the Plot On Intersection Curves filter. Change the Slice Type to Sphere. Then change the Center to be in the center of your borehole and the Radius to be whatever size around you want the plot to be. The Apply and you have your plot.