Plotting spcth tracer values over time

I’m trying to plot pressure as a function of time for tracers in an spcth file.

The data pipeline is set up as follows:

spcth -> Volume Data (extract cells’ Pressure) -> Merge Blocks -> CellDataToPointData -> PlotSelectionOverTime (PSOT)

I activate the tracer points by displaying them in the render window, and use “Select Points On (d)” to draw a box around the tracers of interest. The points are then highlighted in pink. When I advance time forward, the updated tracer locations are still highlighted.

In the PSOT properties, I toggle “only report selection statistics” off, and then push apply. After a few moments, some plots of pressure vs time are generated, but these plots are very different from the plots I generate from the hscth csv file. The attribute type is also set to “row data.” The other attributes are blank.

I think I discovered the underlying problem by looking at the PSOT in spreadsheet mode: all the points in the point coordinate column were set (seemingly arbitrarily) to 0 0 -2, and not any of the tracer values (which I can also monitor in a separate spreadsheet pane). To further troubleshoot, I used a probe location filter to select the point 0 0 -2 and then generated a PSOT of that point. The same, incorrect pressure vs. time plot was generated. The tracer points move as a function of time, but I need the pressure at those time-varying points, so I can’t just simply pick a static point and plot its pressure.

Is there a way to plot the pressure at these time varying points over time in Paraview?

Misc info:
Paraview v4.4
Static mesh, spread over 8 blocks
I’ve been able to render all relevant geometries in 3D and using the slice filter. I can also plot pressure over a line.
Please let me know if additional info is needed.


A different route: use the Resample With Dataset filter, setting Input to the Volume Data and Source as the Tracers. Now, you have points with field values probed from the CTH volume. Use PSOT on this to generate the plots. In ParaView 5.5, we have Plot Data Over Time which can be applied directly to the Resample… filter without any need to select points.

Thanks Utkarsh, that seemed to work. Perhaps a plot of tracers over time would be useful to others on ?