plugin cannot be configured because of missing ParaViewConfig.cmake

I am compiling v5.8 with cmake (3.16.3) installed by default under Ubuntu 20.04

Compilation of ParaView itself works fine, but plugins cannot be configured because I cannot find anywhere (in the build tree, or in the install tree) a file called ParaViewConfig.cmake, or paraview-config.cmake

N.B. I also compiled v5.7 and I had no problem with it. The file paraview-config.cmake is indeed present.

This might work:

I haven’t had time to really push on the issue, but please feel free to join.

I had no idea there was a ParaView 5.8.0 on ubuntu yet.

I can’t find the package in packages list though.

I am compiling from source, downloaded from

This is not from a package.

can you share your cmake line ?
are you building your plugin against an install tree ?
Which ParaView_DIR are you using ?

ooops, my mistake. I found out that PARAVIEW_INSTALL_DEVELOPMENT_FILES had been turned OFF (I have no idea why). Setting it back to its default value fixes it. Sorry for the noise.

My mistake, got ahead of myself. There is a paraview-5.8 in openSUSE science, but debian/ubuntu has 5.7.0 as its most recent.

@jfavre - could you keep us updated on this? IMO the ideal solution (longer-term) would be to use the debian directory from salsa and use that to build paraview-5.8.0 from sources. If it works, or if you need to make any additions then it would be possible to send these upstream to the debian maintainers and help avoid duplicate efforts.

I noticed that their builds were missing a number of cmake files, since 5.7 and 5.8 introduced an extra subdirectory that the debian build wasn’t installing. After making those changes, it rebuild and installed seemingly perfectly, but then I had some strange issues that using these paraview-config files didn’t find MPI properly. I tried backtracking and attempting a build without MPI (as per the merge request), but left this is an unfinished state (ran out of time).
If you could report back here, that would be absolutely great!

@olesenm : since @jfavre is not using the package recipe but only the install target, I’m not sure how it relate to the packaging of ParaView on ubuntu.

That being said, I’d very much like to help with the improvements and update of the ParaView package on Ubuntu. If you need help with it, do not hesitate to ask.

Hi @mwestphal - thanks, will contact by email. or hangouts.