Plugin development: Cannot open include file vtkSMRepresentationProxy.h

Hello dear Paraview developers!

I came across such an issue, however, in the paraview.plugin of a correspondent plugin:


I am a bit confused
What’s wrong with it? Should not in automatically add the correspondent files from build directory to include_directories to be searched if I write in down in paraview.plugin?

Best regards

ParaView::RemotingViews is indeed the module that should add paraview/Remoting/Views/ to your include path.

Can you provide more details about the plugin you are trying to build?

You are probably missing this in your CMakeLists.txt:


Hello dear Mathieu

Is not it done automatically if I write down that the module is REQUIRED in paraview.plugin file ?

Sadly not in certain specific case.

Could you explain please, why it is so?

This is a related to the fact that a paraview plugin, despite being similar, is not a true VTK module.

But I’m sure @ben.boeckel could give you a detailed answer.

Answered here: paraview.plugin? How to include all necessary directories in Paraview? - #3 by ben.boeckel