Point Arrays in the Information Panel


I am currently working on a h5part-file. I have problems with two Point Arrays listed in the Properties Panel: “uid_1” and “uid_2”, each of them representing the same particle:

Now if I go to the Information panel, both of them are summarized as only “uid”. I have the same problem whenever i want to select a specific uid in the variable controls in the toolbar section.

Is there a way to deactivate that? I’d love to work on the uids separately.

ParaView is being “helpful”, and creating a vector for you. To separate out the components, use the Calculator filter.

Thank you for responding.
I’ve tried to use the calculator, however I can’t create a new variable “firstUid” with the value of uid_1. Paraview seems to split the uids into three different values using the coordinates, so uid_X, uid_Y, etc, but I don’t know how to combine them in order to get the original value of uid_1.