Point Cloud to Depth Image

Hi everyone

My task/problem is the follwoing:

I got pointclouds from lidar scans. Each scan is like a picture you could say (scanner is not moving, just take 5 seconds scan time and gives me the pointcloud).

  1. Render an image of the scan from the origin (scanner) with the depth values (the radius of xyz-coordinates). Could be seen as computing the distance to all points and project these values on a plane (normal facing into the viewing direction). I tried several things and searched for solutions but couldn’t find one.

  2. This task is a bit more advanced. As example I would take the Stanford Bunny as a pointcloud. Now I set an arbitrary point as my “camera”. I want to do the same thing as in 1). Calculate the distance from all other points to the camera point. Project the distance values on a plane with the normal facing into the direction of the center of the bounding box of the pointcloud. (Not considering “hidden” points at first)

I would appreciate any help, solutions or hints in the right direction :slight_smile: